Chris Noth
Paul Durano
Joanne Rose

Main reasons for the realization of this project

• To perform this project I waited the construction of the new harbor in the Condamine port (see the description here below). Now the new harbor is fixed, the "Rena" ship that I choice (just 98 meters) can stay in very calm water. This is a mandatory element to guarantee a comfortable and perfect accommodation of the clients of the hotel ship.

• The "Rena" ship, will be the first cruise ship under the Monaco flag, certainly the S.A.S. Prince Ranier and his family, will be on board for the opening party. This, I suppose will attract all the international media and will become the event of the French Riviera.

• Considering the total profit is generated inside the Monte Carlo territory, no taxes will be applied on the profit.

• The Principality are looking to increase the numbers of 3 *** room in order to satisfy the new client's need, especially for the Grimaldi Forum congress. The ship will be a perfect solution for many of these participants.

• The Monaco port, will be totally lifted with new look and certainly will become one of the major attraction of Monte-Carlo.

• The Monaco port is the most secured harbor in the world, controlled by police cameras and under a continue security inspections. The transportation facilities (public elevators, bus, taxi and promenade) will easy connect the port central position to any of the major points of the Principality.

• The restaurants, boutique and discotheque will welcome also the local customers (tourist and residents).

• In case of very special needs, the ship can be moved to Cannes (film festival) or San Remo (music festival).

• After the acquisition of the ship, the Promoter, will start the hotel resort activity after few months (4)

• To reach the budget target, of a net profit of about € 3.200.000 , the project need to attract just 7% of the night occupation passed on the 4**** hotels in Monaco during the year 2001. Considering that the calculated prices are much lower of the actual applicable prices for the same hotel category, I estimate that reach this economic result will be easy.

• The project will also guaranty to the Government treasury a "nice" economic return as : 2.000.000 of TVA for the ship naturalization; a yearly TVA of about 650.000 €; a port fees of about 110.000 € and 58 new employ